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Our History

Five decades have passed since Mr. Manuel Vicente Diez Méndez founded Industria Petroquimica Dominicana in June 1957, supplying local footwear manufacturers the covers, soles and rubber heals necessary for the elaboration of his products.  Nowadays, is a company dedicated to plastic footwear manufacturing, EVA sandals, footwear components for the industry and a variety of synthetic laminates for  promotional and industrial applications.

In 1970, the company started manufacturing the GOLIAT boot, which became our leading product, remaining till now as the undisputable leader in the Dominican market, with considerable presence in Central America and Puerto Rico.

In the beginning of 1973, Mr. Diez Mendez also founded Quimsanto Industrial, CXA, in order to supply the existing need of plastic fabrics used in furniture and footwear manufacturing, becoming already in 1978 the principal local supplier of these products.

In 2001, Mr. José Manuel Diez Cabral, after assuming president position in both companies, foresees the globalization phenomenon, and merges both legendary companies, arising then Industrias PetroQuim, S.A.  This new company was settled with the mission of exceed their client’s, employees and collaborates expectations, offering a vast variety of products with the highest and most competitive standards of quality.  The mission is based on the vision of being the best option in manufacturing and commercialization of their products using the power of their brands to strengthen and develop the company on international bases.

The organization philosophy is based on a set of values such as integrity, team work, coherence, social responsibility, ethics and excellence.  All of these values are present in every daily task.

As a result of this global vision, PetroQuim set themselves to acquire other companies involved in the footwear business.  This with the objective to consolidate their position and open negotiations with different markets.  The first acquirement was Cibao Tropical in 2002, a company located in the north region of our country and dedicated to plastic footwear manufacturing.

Two years later, they also acquired Productos de Piel, CxA (PROPIELCA), making themselves in one of the principal suppliers of materials for footwear manufacturing for free zone companies of our country.  Within the most important clients we can list: Sebago (Dominican Wolverine), Rocky Boots (Five Star Enterprises), Timberland (The Recreational Footwear Company) and Boss, S.A.

After several years of studies and incursions in the Puerto Rican market, in 2005, the company decides to start operations in this country, with the opening of PetroQuim International.  In the beginning, this company specializes in sales of products that form the promotional line, but with the main goal of develop their other product lines in the Puerto Rican market.